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Civil War Veterans Information, Suffolk County, New York

This database is an index to records complied by Robert Farrell. The records include information and documentation relating to the Veteran's role in the war, rank, significant personal events, (re: POW, wounds, death), Unit or Ship history, date of death, burial & cemetery data, newspaper articles, physical descriptions and even a few enlistment papers.

The codes for the "Reference" and "Cem/Death" columns on the search results page are shown below:

    "Reference" Column Legend
A        Accepted for service, no unit found
Acc.    Accidentally killed
D        Deserted
D to E Deserted to the Enemy
Dd      Died of Disease
Died    Died, no known reason
Dis.     Dishonorably Discharged
Disc.   Discharged
Dp      Died a Prisoner of War
Drow.  Drowned
Dw      Died of wounds
K        Killed in Action
MIA     Missing In Action, presumed killed
Mur     Murdered
N        Never Reported
No      Local record only.  No militrary record found
P        Prisoner of War
R        Returned
W       Wounded

    "Cem./Death" Column Legend
C    Cemetery information known
D    Death date & location known
M    Missing In Action, date & location known
K    Killed in Action

To request a copy of any of these records, contact Bob Farrell at:
In your request, please include ALL of the data from the results of the database search.

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See the About Page for the legends for the "Reference" and "Cem/Death" columns


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We wish to thank all the following for their help and participation in the Suffolk County Civil War Veterans Records project:


J. Anklowitz * Rich Ceglewski * Bill Chamberlain * Barbara Farrell * The Huntington Historical Society, especially Archivist Karen Martin * Librarian Irene Sniffin * Art Sniffin, Staff Researcher * Rep. Steve Israel for his personal monetary support * Loretta McDonald * Dennis McDonald * George Moraitis * Matt Moshen * Ted Mundy (R. I. P.) * the members of the North Shore Civil War Roundtable who recorded headstone data from many cemeteries * Mike Pisano * Harvey Savitt.  Also thanks to the many others who provided individual pieces of information and to those family members that provided information on their ancestor.

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