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Updated 27 July 2022; 441,702 records, covering 429 schools

This database includes teachers, administrators, graduates and some lower grade students compiled from high school yearbooks, college yearbooks and various student lists and commemorative books.

This is a volunteer project for the benefit of the genealogical community and we welcome and solicit yearbooks and/or yearbook information from all sources. If you would like to be a contributor to this project, email requesting an Excel template file. This will be emailed to you and you may enter the information contained within the yearbooks you own. It can then be emailed back to us for inclusion in this database. Your name will be added to the list of volunteers who have contributed.

If you do not have Excel, contact us and tell us what spreadsheet program you do have. We will make every effort to work with you.

We also will accept donations of any yearbooks you may have and no longer want. These can be mailed to our address shown on the Contact Us page or, if you live in the Long Island area, dropped off at our monthly meeting at the Hicksville VFW. These yearbooks will be typed by volunteers and included in our database.

If you have yearbooks sitting on a shelf, stuck in the attic, or down in the basement, consider dusting them off and including them in this database for the benefit of all genealogists everywhere. No matter where you live within the US … or outside of the US … your contribution is important.

To see a list of the yearbooks contained within this database, click here.
As more books are typed and computerized, this list will be updated.

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Currently containing 441,702 records...
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413 different schools, many with a range of over 30 years.

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The German Genealogy Group wishes to thank all the following for contributing to this project:


Augusta (Ott) Allen * Gloria Anderson * Rosemary Ardolina *Jo Baldridge * Evelyn Berg * Richard Black * Warren R. Brenner * Ron Bruens * Karen Buxton * Amanda Camella Ruth Cipko * John Conway * Linda DanetFred Danner * Christina Datz * Constance Dee * Evelyn Grosse DeLuna * Ruth Kolb Dennis * Barbara DeOliveira * Wilma Diehl * Marie Driscoll * Mary Duet * Philip Dumbainski * Don Eckerle * Fred Finger  *  Debbie Fischer  *  Madeline Bovery Galbraith  *  Karl E. Gansberg  *  Eileen Glover  *  Carol Smith Gohari * Linda Heelan Irene Hefner * Edmund Heinsohn * Gunther Gunner Hertwig * Evelyn & Bill Hinkle * Christine Hoff * Arthur Holmes * Marie Hoelter * Linda Jarczewski Michael Kaiser * Tom Kaiser * Stacey Kerr * Valerie Kirchmann * Dolores Konrad *John Leahy * Elizabeth Lovaglio * Carol Maguire * John Martino * Edmund Maul * William S. Miller  *  John C. Munnelly  *  Tom Natale  *  Steve Nathan  *  Barbara Nelson  * Frank Nothaft * Elizabeth O'Leary  *  Lauren MacKenzie Petit  *  John Reynolds *  Gladys Roswell Johanna Sandy * Donna Sanzone * Agnes Scheuermann * Marion Schmitz * Judith Schuster * Jeanne Scobbo * Nancy Serra-Spencer * Jack & Mary Smith * John Sorli Albert T. Spiegel * Joan Sprangel * Karen SteinhausValerie Stockmann * The Greater Cleveland Genealogical Society * Dr. Paul Vogelsberg, MD * Kenneth Von WerneMark Waldron * Hildegarde Weigel * Linda Whitney Barbara Nehlsen Wilkenshoff * Chris Wilkenshoff * Richard Winter * Pamela Whitaker * Art Zentgraf

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