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Fresh Pond Crematory and U. S. Columbarium Interment Index

 Middle Village, Queens County, New York
Updated 31 March 2022; 234,270 records

The Fresh Pond Crematory and Columbarium has been providing dignified cremation services and permanent resting places for human cremated remains in its Columbarium since 1884. It is the oldest operating crematory in the United States. The crematory is located at 61-40 Mount Olivet Crescent, Middle Village, New York 11379. For more information visit their web site at

This database contains an index to over 215,000 cremations that took place at the Fresh Pond Crematory, many of which are interred in niches at the U. S. Columbarium on the same property. It also includes over 4,000 people cremated elsewhere and whose cremains are in niches at the columbarium.

The crematory has additional information for each individual including: age, marital status, last residence, birthplace, date of birth, date of death, information on the next of kin, and funeral home. Some of the files may also contain family correspondence and obituaries that appeared in newspapers.

To obtain this information please fill out the attached form with the name of the person of interest, the case ID, and your mailing address. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. The fee for this information is $44.00.

NOTE: They will not give any information for persons that died less than 50 years ago except to people who can supply proof that they are direct relatives.

When contacting, be sure to include all of the information found on the search results page for the record you are interested in.

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Please note that the Surname (e.g. Last Name) is a required entry field. But since exact spellings are not always known, to aid your search we offer three different ways to specify Surnames...

  1. Exact Match ("is exactly") - This is the default surname search method.
  2. Soundex ("sounds like") - This option enables you to specify a surname spelling it out as best you can, and it will return results that "sound" similar to what you spelled out.
  3. Wild Card - With this option you can replace part of the surname with a * to match any number of letters, or _ to match a single letter. So for example, Sch* will return all names starting with Sch. Similarly, Schl_tz might return results such as Schlitz or Schlotz. 

NOTE: The wild card option applies ONLY to the surname. You can just enter the first few letters of a First Name; the search automatically adds a wild card to the end of the First Name.

For whichever of the above surname search options you would like to use, simply select the appropriate radio button option below the input field on the form. Although the additional form fields are optional, providing as much information as you can helps narrow your search. The more specific your search, the less time you need spend scrolling through search results!

NOTE:  "C" in the Rec_Type field indicates cremated at Fresh Pond; “N” = cremated elsewhere.
               “Yes” in the Niche field = remains are in a niche at Fresh Pond; “No” = remains are NOT at Fresh Pond;


* Matches multiple characters. 
_ Matches one single character.




We wish to thank all the following volunteers for their help and participation in the Fresh Pond Crematory project.


Marie Arena * Karen Bliss * Robert Boeckle * Warren Bosch * Erin Brannegan * Sandi Brass * Linda Cantor * Suzanne Carver * Ann-Marie Clanton * Rebecca Conzales * John Cullen * Dolores DeBetta * Don Eckerle * Joe Fidaleo * Jan Fooks * Doreen Forrest * Madeline Galbraith * Lisa Gordon * Norman Greenfeld * Hanna Grossman * Peggy Gundacker * Richard Haberstroh * Sandi Hamilton * Candace Hatch * Bernda Haywood * Alyssa Hill * Sandra Hirschhorn * Beckie Hudnall * Linda  Jarczwski * Eden Joachim Irwin Josephs * Heather Kartzinal * Susan Kehr * Virginia Keller * Ken Kennedy * Marie Kennedy * Renee Kraft * Linda Kralick * Ken Kravitz * AnnMarie Lahti * Robert Landau Marion Leistman * Evelyn Ludwig * Terry Madonla * Kim Mahler * Sandy Malek * Julia Mann * John Martino * Harriet Mayer * Carol McWilliams * Carol Melito * Barbara Metzger Wendy Midget * George Miller * Steve Murphy * John Nardi * Regina Negryzeg * Kathleen O'Farrell * Erin O'Malley * Terry Parcel * Rebakah Peters * Lucy Rafter * Debbie Robson * Linda Savard * Frank Sclafani * Emily Shaw * Bob Smith * Nancy Spencer * Jim Spero * Suzanne Stewart * Judy Tarail * Cathy Tipton * Sean Walsh * Ron Wencer Dorothy Winchell * Pat Wuzzardo * Jill Zullo * Brenda Zwickel

We would like to give special thanks to Linda Kralick and Marion Leistman who did all of the typing for the index.  We would also like to thank Joseph P. Di Troia, President, Fresh Pond Crematory and Columbarium and his staff for all of the assistance they provided us.

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