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The NYC Marriage License Index

Marriage Licenses, New York City 1950-1995

This is a database of an index to 3,124,595 marriage licenses filed in New York City between 1950-1995. This index is the result of the work of the Reclaim The Records group ( Images of the printed index can be found at:

The marriage license is a three-page document set originally issued by the City Clerk's Office.

Licenses from 1908 through 1949 are at the New York City Municipal Archives. 

The marriage licenses represented by this 1950-1995 index database are available from the New York City Clerk's Office (  A Marriage Record older than 50 years from today's date is considered a historic record and is available to the general public.  Marriage Records created within 50 years from today's date are restricted; See the City Clerk web site, above, for the details. 

Marriage Licenses, Richmond 1908-1938, 29,361 records.

The original hand-written index to the Richmond marriage licenses has many, many errors and much missing information.  It is missing  over 100 marriages for which we could not find a groom, and over 700 for which there is no bride; especially in the earlier years. There are more than 170 instances where the index register has the same license number shown for two different marriages. There are over 400 missing license numbers in this index.
In creating this index when a bride was indicated without a groom (and vice versa) an attempt was made to see if there is an entry in the marriage certificate database. In many of these cases a marriage certificate could not be found in any New York City borough. If a match was found the missing spouse was added to this index: 155 grooms and 302 brides were added.

In view of all of the above, be very careful about how you will use this information.  It appears that many of the marriages licenses were either never consummated in a marriage ceremony, or the marriage occurred outside of New York City.

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New York City 1950-1990:

The German Genealogy Group wishes to thank the "Reclaim The Records" group, who obtained and made available the index to these records!

Richmond Licenses 1908-1938:

And thank you to the following volunteers:

Barbara Abrams * Marie Arena * Meg Assip * Carol Aivazian * Dick Bernard * Bernadette Bono * Warren Bosch * Ethel Buebendorf *
Susan Callahan * Kristin Campbell * Renee Capitaniao * Larry Carroll * Patricia Carter * Mary Anne Chiariello * Bob Clancy * Christine Clark * Carol Cook * Wayne Coleman * Belinda Dapice * Michelle DeAmelio * Kim DeFalco * Dianne Delitto * Donald Eckerle * Robin Ehlich * Bill Fenton *
George Ferguson * Kathy Field * Eve Fowler * Bill Hennigan * Patricia Hervey * Marie Inglee * Dale Jacobi * Ken Kennedy * Jean King *
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